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The Little Sculling Boat™ Company LLC
55 Alpine Street
Cambridge MA 02138

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Little Sculling Boat™ Company LLC

The Little Sculling Boat™ Company co-founders are Dick Pereli and Ann Robbart. Dick is currently also Founder and President of InRiver Tank and Boat (where our boats are molded) and is the inventor of and was a co-founder of StillWater Launches (the wake-less coaching launches). At InRiver Tank and Boat, he designs, manufactures and installs custom indoor rowing tanks for boathouses and athletic facilities. Before StillWater, Dick had been the MIT boatman for 14 years. Ann was an elite level competitive sculler and formerly Chair of the Ltwt Women’s Committee of USRowing for the US Team (1980s).  She also helped start EDC/BRC an training center for athletes on or training for US rowing teams.  In recent years, she has taught many kids to scull using the Little Sculling Boat™ design. In her youth, she had also built and repaired shells from composite materials. In the mid-1980s, she was one of the founders of Community Rowing, in Brighton, MA, served as its President; and currently serves as a Trustee. She also currently writes and teaches at the college level.  Both business partners love sculling and want to share it.

The Little Sculling Boat™ Design: The original “Little Boat” was built by Dick Dreissingacker and Judy Geer (Olympic & US National Rowing Team alumnae/i and co-owners of Concept2) for their three kids. They first built a “Tiny Boat”, which their kids started using not long after they learned to walk. The “Little Boat” was a larger version of the “Tiny Boat”. They generously loaned the original “Little Boat” to Ann to use with kids at Cambridge Boat Club. And, they gave permission for CBC volunteers to copy it. CBC club volunteers made a couple of lovely wooden copies, which are very popular. At Ann’s request, Dick & Judy have generously given permission to use their idea and design so the Little Sculling Boat™ Company can make them widely available. Dick Pereli and Ken Green and Ann Robbart have redesigned and have modified some features of the original boat, but the mold for the fiberglass hull is based upon Dick & Judy’s original wooden hull. We are thankful for our long friendship and grateful for their support of this project. We are also very pleased that Concept2 (The company Dick and Judy co-own) will be making Little Sculls for our Little Sculling Boats™. They will, of course, be smaller than the sculls they make for adults.


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