Little League Crew: Part I – A Big Boom of Small Rowers

Last September, Oli Rosenbladt of Row2k wrote a 2-part article about the new opportunities for kids to learn to row. Little Sculling Boats company co-founder Ann Robbart is mentioned in part II of the article.

Little League Crew
Part I – A Big Boom of Small Rowers

by Oli Rosenbladt/
posted on September 17, 2014

Younger athletes are picking up the sport in large numbers

There have been a few central givens in our sport over the years: “Wisconsin gets on the water really late,” is one; “Philadelphia, love it or hate it, is a hub for the sport,” is another; and, when speaking about getting future generations of rowers into the sport for the first time, “there’s no Little League for rowing” has long been accepted wisdom.
Over recent years however, this given has eroded as more and more athletes begin rowing, by accident or by design, at younger ages. It’s now possible to find camps, summer rowing programs, or learn-to-row sessions that open themselves up to younger athletes, while competitive club teams and, increasingly, scholastic teams are creating bona-fide rowing programs for Middle-School aged athletes. In short, it’s no longer that unusual to encounter athletes who started rowing before High School.

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