Little League Crew: Part II – Get ’em Rowing…Keep ’em Growing

In September, Oli Rosenbladt of Row2k wrote a 2-part article about the new opportunities for kids to learn to row. Little Sculling Boats company co-founder Ann Robbart is quoted in the Row2k article. See the Row2k articles via the links below.

Little League Crew – Pt. II
Get ’em Rowing…Keep ’em Growing!

by Oli Rosenbladt/row2k
posted on September 24, 2014

In Part I of our look at the recent growth of Middle School rowing, we examined a number of factors that played into this growth: expanded scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level, especially for women; an acknowledgement that rowing can be a healthy and fun environment for athletes of all ages; and greater efforts on the part of schools and rowing clubs themselves, seeking to draw younger athletes to the sport.

Once these athletes have arrived however, the real challenge begins: for a sport that idealizes its Adonises and Amazons, finding a seat for and teaching an asthmatic, 4’11″ 12-year old how to row requires some real grown-up thinking. Here in Part II of “Little League Crew,” we once again spoke with experienced coaches in order to hone in on a few “best practices” for involving younger athletes in rowing.

See the full article on Row2k.