Distributors in Canada and NW US

We have two Distributors for Canada now, one of whom also serves NW US:

Evergreen Rowing, run by Steve Wells, based in Tacoma, Washington, US, carries and sells our boats in Western Canada, B.C. and Alberta, and in the US States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana.  See the link on our site.

Rower’s World, run by John Gordon, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada will be selling our boats in the eastern provinces of Canada.  See the link on our site.

You may buy from us directly, but if you are closer to them and would like to see a boat first, please contact and buy through them.


Child’s Play – an article by Andy Anderson in Rowing Magazine

Child’s Play – Little Sculling Boat Company brings age-appropriate sculling to the under-10 set. By Andy Anderson, aka Doctor Rowing.

A very nice article by Andy Anderson about the history of the Little Boats, the Dreissegacker family, and the Little Sculling Boats now available for little scullers.

See the article in the January 2013 issue of Rowing Magazine