Sculling boats for Kids aged 5 & up to Adult

Do you know a child who wants to learn to scull? Most rowing shells are much too big for small children. Now you can buy a smaller boat that is just the right size for learning to row.

Little Sculling Boats™ are smaller and more stable versions of adult single sculling boats. They are perfect for young kids about age 5 and up, and some adults (up to 5′6″). Our current model fits a range from 35 lbs up to 200! We make the only sculling single for children this size, and the only one that will fit such a range.

LSB 2014 Head


Please click on the link below to see a video of learning to scull in a Little Sculling Boat™:

Kids learning to scull in Little Sculling Boat™ prototypes in 2012

Our boats are perfect for learning to scull safely and well. A kid can learn to scull, turn and back, within an hour. Really!

LSB 2014 Head Cami


Lightweight, stable and durable

Our boats are smaller, lightweight, stable, and durable. We make the hull out of molded fiberglass. It is fitted with a sliding seat, adjustable foot board, aluminum riggers and Concept2® oarlocks. Anodized riggers for salt water use are available at additional cost. The Little Sculling Boat™ comes in bright safety yellow.

All Little Sculling Boats™ include oarlocks and Little Sculls made for us by Concept2®. All of our boats, sculls and parts are designed and built in the US.


First time and already learning to back!


Fiberglass boat (~ 35 pounds rigged) with sculls
Affordable, maneuverable, and great for learning and enjoying a lifelong sport.

See a Little Sculling Boat™

In Cambridge or Boston, MA.  Community Rowing, in Boston has them & you may arrange a lesson.  Also, earlier Demo boats are in use at Long Beach Rowing Association in California, in Tacoma, WA, Oklahoma City, Miami FL, and at Orleans Sweeps & Sculls on Cape Cod.  Craftsbury Outdoor Center, in VT, has one of our 2013 production boats (an earlier version) at Hosmer Camp. There are privately owned boats elsewhere, you might ask to see in: CT, NH, NJ, NY, PA, NY, MD, FL, CA


Summer Day Camps:  To find 1 week summer day camps, using our boats, see Kindersculls.  They have camps throughout the Northeast US.  Kindersculls is a traveling, half-day summer camp for 4-9 year olds. Each day includes warm-ups and stretching, lessons in equipment handling, safety, and sculling technique, a craft project, and lots and lots of rowing.

A safety video link is above right and on the safety page.

Little Sculling Boat™ Company LLC, Cambridge, MA, US


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